Acupuncture Research for Chronic Pain & Depression

New, high-quality research from the University of York adds legitimacy to acupuncture’s role in treating chronic pain and depression. Patients who had acupuncture in addition to standard care had better results than those who had standard care alone. This might sound obvious – if you add a treatment, patients will get better compared to those who didn’t … More Acupuncture Research for Chronic Pain & Depression

“Ouch, Yes” Points & Myofascial Trigger Points

When I treat muscle pain, whether with acupuncture or Tuina massage, I search for tight and tender muscle knots to focus on during treatment. I usually get responses like “whoa, you really found a spot there,” and often get questions along the lines of “what is that spot?” or “what makes my muscles do that?” In Chinese medicine, there’s a … More “Ouch, Yes” Points & Myofascial Trigger Points