Sinking Elbows in Tai Chi – Adam Mizner

I feel very lucky that I’ve had multiple excellent teachers in Tai Chi. There’s nothing that can replace in-person training with someone who can correct and guide you towards what relaxation and proper structure feel like. That said, online videos can be helpful, and my favorite “youtube instructor” by far has been a fellow named … More Sinking Elbows in Tai Chi – Adam Mizner

The Price of Ginseng

Ginseng root is one of the most well-known herbs used in Chinese medicine. Almost everyone has heard about it and has the impression that it can be very expensive. This past January, Planet Money did a podcast about the huge variety in the pricing of American ginseng, depending on its perceived quality. Although often thought … More The Price of Ginseng

Preparing a “San” – Jade Windscreen Powder

Often in the fall I’ll take a bottle of a traditional formula called Jade Windscreen Powder to boost immunity for the winter. Jade because it is precious, Windscreen because it protects you from invading illness (Wind). Powder because, as we’ll see, the herbs are meant to be ground up before cooking. (I’ve mentioned this formula in a previous … More Preparing a “San” – Jade Windscreen Powder