“Ouch, Yes” Points & Myofascial Trigger Points

When I treat muscle pain, whether with acupuncture or Tuina massage, I search for tight and tender muscle knots to focus on during treatment. I usually get responses like “whoa, you really found a spot there,” and often get questions along the lines of “what is that spot?” or “what makes my muscles do that?” In Chinese medicine, there’s a … More “Ouch, Yes” Points & Myofascial Trigger Points

Zero Balancing: Structure + Deep Energetics

  Recently a friend treated me to a body handling therapy called Zero Balancing (ZB), which I’d never experienced before. Overall, it was gentle, enjoyable, and extremely relaxing, putting me in a meditative, half-dreaming state. I was treated face up and fully clothed on a massage table. The actual treatment consisted of lifting and gentle stretching of my … More Zero Balancing: Structure + Deep Energetics